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Remember the black lions of Madikwe ?

I did a post a few weeks ago on some black lions in Madikwe. They were feeding in a dry dam and got them selves covered in black mud. It was a sighting of a life time. When we returned from our sun downers and saw these lions we did not really know what they were , I think it was just the surprise of seeing a lion completely covered in mud. It just shows that lions will do anything for some food.The one thing that stood out was their golden eyes.

The other day we saw the three at another dam sleeping and still cleaning themselves. They looked better but not clean yet. The day they were covered in mud we didn’t really know which lions they were. Finally I got to recognise them as the Etali female with Monomogholo youngsters.

That was the update on the black lions



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  1. The first image of the lion running is beautiful!! Absolutely Love it! Great shot.

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